A foot in Europe

One of the packaging industry’s most dynamic, innovative companies has opened a new plant in Serbia.

If you are looking for an innovative, ecological and ethically sustainable solution for packaging your pet food, you will find IPV PACK to be a reference point offering new generation packaging that responds to the issues pet owners are increasingly concerned about, such as plastic waste.

Ours is a customer-oriented philosophy. Our focus is always the customer, working with them at every stage of a project, with customized services and consultancy, flexibility and speedy delivery.
This philosophy has made IPV PACK SRL one of the leading Italian brands in the packaging industry, a rapidly evolving company that has been able to internationalize its offer of products in a very short time, interacting with major national and European players thanks to a very high level range of packaging.

It was precisely to support the increasingly significant demand for quality products that Simone Palma (CEO and Founder of IPV PACK SRL) decided to “set foot in Europe” also as regards production, marking a new step forward in the company’s growth and establishment in Europe. A significant investment accompanied by an innovative view of the market, capable of reading new scenarios and anticipating market demand with rapid, customized, effective solutions, in full Made in Italy style.

New plant, future growth

On May 1st 2022, a new plant, IPV PACK DOO, was inaugurated in Serbia, the first outside of Italy, which flanks the historic Carmignano del Brenta plant in Veneto, which will remain as the Headquarters and where the entire commercial policy will continue to be developed.

The production site in Serbia means IPV PACK will be able to offer more opportunities to its customers, both to those geographically located closer to the new plant, and to those in Central and Western Europe, especially in this particular historic moment when markets often evolve in a sudden and unpredictable way.

At the same time, IPV PACK DOO will make it possible to further develop the entire Eastern European market, with particular attention to new Asian markets.

The decision to open a new branch in Serbia offers new opportunities and boosts the key aspects of IPV PACK’s offer – high quality products, custom-made services and consultancy, flexibility, and rapid deliveries. The new plant will continue the company’s production policy with strict compliance with the rules already applied in Italy, and meticulous process quality control, effectively exporting the IPV PACK Made in Italy experience and the strengths that have made it successful, so as to further increase its commitment to meeting the challenges of the international market.

IPV PACK DOO, aided by Italian personnel present in Serbia, will follow the organization and production procedures planned at the headquarters, adopting all the standards that the company has always guaranteed to its customers and that have made it one of the packaging industry’s most dynamic and innovative companies.

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