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The industrial process begins with the production of plastic films in the modern extrusion department. All raw materials used are of verified origin and certified quality. The department, which is completely pressurized to comply with strict food industry regulations, is equipped with 6 3 to 5-layer co-extruders, capable of producing various co-extrusions, and particularly, low-density polyethylene (LDPE).


Films are printed in the renovated Flexographic plant equipped with three 8-color central drum machines, capable of printing at high lineature while providing excellent graphic quality and image fidelity. We also have a state-of-the-art 10 + 1 colours rotogravure printing machine. Our customers can watch the start-up of the printing process, during which, aided by our expert technicians, they can intervene to modify and improve the colour effects of the subjects to be replicated.


In the case of multi-layered plastic films, bonding is done by machines capable of working with or without the addition of chemical solvents (solventless), and producing a product that perfectly meets current market demands. Our bonded films stand out for the uniformity of the coating that truly enhances the quality of the printed material.


We are able to meet any number of marketing demands with appealing preformed solutions for on-shelf display, transport, opening and resealing the packet. Formats come in all sizes and are delivered in reels and all other types of preforms: flat envelope, four welds, single lip, pinch bottom, doy pack and stand up, with zips, sliders, eyelets, handles and valves.