Pet B2B published an in-depth article on packaging for the pet food industry in its December 2022 issue. The editors discussed the topic with IPV Pack founder and CEO Simone Palma.

This is what he had to say:

1) How has packaging changed on the pet care market recently?

Simone Palma: “Despite the pandemic and the energy and raw materials crisis, the pet care market has maintained a high level of quality in packaging for all product ranges.”

2) What strategies are you adopting, and what are the most innovative or effective materials, in terms of sustainability?

Simone Palma: “We have strategically chosen to rely on and support the European RecyClass programme, which has come up with guidelines based on a transparent scientific methodology with the goal of setting up a true circular economy. IPV Pack is investing a lot in development of new monomaterial plastic packaging solutions which are as close as possible to the standard composition, and a compostable material that would represent a new frontier in the pet food industry.”

3) Have you come up against problems or significant price increases in the supply chain for packaging products?

Simone Palma: “The cost of raw materials in all industries rose steeply just after the most critical phase of the pandemic. And major increases in energy prices have further inflated costs for enterprises in the sector, including IPV Pack.”

Read the complete article in PET B2B’s December 2022 issue (in Italian) here:

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